The main goal of H.E. Mordechai Linhart, is to turn the Federal Republic of Lostisland into a booming and thriving Micronation!
It is also important to stress that there will be no religious agenda (apart from encouraging religious liberty, viarity and tolerance) as H.E. Mordechai Linhart believes that religion is a private matter and that the State should not get involved in religious affaires nor should it be politicized!

Diplomatic Corps:
– Setting up an online portal for Embassies and Ambassadors
– Increase the number of Embassies worldwide
– Set monthly and yearly goals for Embassies
– Twitter Accounts for each Embassy
– Introducing special CD ID cards

– Establish diplomatic relations with leading Micronations
– Establish diplomatic relations with certain countries to further the cause of the Federal Republic.

– Call to establish 3 main parties (left, centre and right), limiting the amount of political parties to not more than 3 at any given time.

– Creation of a Council of Faith, composed by the different religious leaders of Lostisland, which will work toward spreading the important message of “peacefull coexistance”.

High Court:
– With co-operation of H.E. the President, assign 2 more Judges

– Minister or Recruitment and Retention (in charge of working on ways to find/keep/re-activate citizens)
– Minister of Education and Culture (both go hand in hand)
– Minister of Foreign Affaires
– Minister National Security
– Minister of Finance

– Establish a Federal Treasury
– Creating of Federal NFT Currency

– Re-affirming the governments loyalty to the President

– Campaigning to reduce the amount of official languages to 2

– address different areas in which reform is necessary to advance the interests of the Federal Republic.

– Discuss and work toward the aquisition of real Territory